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Preclinical Research Models

Medanex masters a broad range of preclinical surgical models in different disciplines. Experienced veterinary surgeons assist with or conduct a wide variety of procedures. A large network of experts in human medicine is available on consultancy basis to perform specialized surgeries.

Our services include:

  • Proof-of-Concept Studies
  • Feasibility Procedures
  • Acute Studies
  • Long-term Studies, including instrumented animals
  • Biocompatibility studies
Modern, hospitable facility for your surgery training

Surgery Training

The development of new therapies, techniques and medical devices implies the need for training of its users prior to moving to the clinical setting.

Theoretical courses and simulator trainings are very valuable; however, there is a missing link of reality. Hands-on practical sessions on anaesthetized large animals provide the perfect clinical setting for interventional training of specialists.

The facilities of Medanex Clinic are ideally suited to organize a combination of theoretical and practical (parallel) training sessions for medical doctors as well as veterinarians.

A complete, customized service for all biological samples

Histopathology and Analytical Testing

Our experts are dedicated to providing high quality analyses according to your request.

Board certified veterinary histopathology specialists and a network of ISO-certified clinical labs guarantee complete and accurate results. Ready-to-use blood-gas and ACT testing allow continuous monitoring of vital parameters during interventional procedures or follow-up.

Expert tailor-made support for biomedical companies and research groups


Medanex offers its expertise to biomedical companies and research groups also outside its own facility. Veterinarians, lab technicians and animal caretakers specialized in laboratory animal science and medical R&D provide a range of services that help to turn even the most challenging in vivo research protocols into high-quality results.

These services include:

  • Animal welfare
  • Management of rodent and rabbit as well as large animal facilities
  • Ethical review of animal experiments
  • Selection, screening and purchasing of animals
  • Implementation of health monitoring programs according to FELASA recommendations
  • Expert advice in all aspects of animal research
  • Veterinary care of laboratory animals
  • Development of animal models
  • Set up of study design
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Logistics
  • Best practices in anesthesia, surgery and post-operative care
  • Protocol and report writing
  • Implementation of quality practices in the in-vivo work