Animal welfare is extremely important to us

We actively foster a culture of care in our company by ensuring the principles of the 3R’s (replacement, reduction and refinement) are used as a framework for conducting high quality science. We are convinced that good animal welfare practices reward researchers with good experimental results. Even in intensive care settings, we aim to achieve the highest standards of animal welfare that are compatible with attaining the scientific objectives of the studies conducted.

We consider compliance with all European, national and local regulations as a minimum standard with regard to the care and use of animals within our establishments.

We live our culture of animal care in science as follows:

  • Regular animal welfare meetings with multiple certified team members
  • Critical in-house review of each Ethical Committee application
  • Encouraging animal sharing between clients without compromising animal welfare or research results
  • Requiring a successful pilot study before start of a larger interventional study
  • Respect and prioritize humane endpoints throughout the study
  • Dedicated team of certified veterinarians 24h/24h on the guard
  • Animal housing in an enriched and clean environment with close contact to companion animals and caretakers.
  • Fostering and encouraging the application of these objectives with our clients